Hosting Tips: How To Avoid Bad Web Hosting Companies?

The bad web hosting companies can really screw up your business’s success. You need to be careful so that you can protect yourself from this kind of web hosting company. A reliable web hosting wouldn’t only keep your site up and running consistently, but any downtime that happens would be incredibly minimal. When a bad hosting company is keeping your site down, it hurts your website by preventing traffic and your SEO ranking. One thing you should aware that any hosting provider is capable of turning into a bad host eventually. However, you can at least choose who you’re going to work with based on who has a great reputation. Here is a look at how to avoid bad web hosting companies, don’t make one of them lets you down.


Tips To Avoid Bad Web Hosting Companies


Tips #1: Do a Long Time Trial Period

Most hosting companies offer you a trial period to try out their services. Some of them will set you up with a shorter trial while others will give you the option of using them for several days or even a couple of months. Go with the longer option so that you can really feel them out. Any web host offering less than a month-long trial shouldn’t even be considered. When a hosting company offers a long trial period, it shows they are confident enough in their services to let you try it out for a while at no cost.

Some popular choices include, ASPHostPortal and Liquid Web which offers a 30 days trial. You should definitely check their web hosting service as they have a great reputation and are a very popular choice. Some companies will go a step above and offer a money back guarantee so that if you pay for a year of service and want to get out after 30 days, the company will refund you and cancel the account. This is offered because they know that their services are good enough to get you to stay with them. Anyone who not offers a guarantee is worth checking out.

Tips #2: Choose A Suitable Payment Method

Another way to avoid bad web hosting companies is to watch how the payment methods work. It might be easy to set up automated payments but if you go to cancel later, they may fail to cancel your automated payments from going through. Paying with a credit card may force you to cancel the card down the road if the company doesn’t stop trying to charge you. Go with a debit card or PayPal because they are both much easier to cancel subscriptions from than a credit card.

Lastly, be sure to watch out for a blacklisted IP, back up your site regularly and always compare prices between various hosting companies before making your decision. Use these tips to avoid yourself from a nightmare situation with a bad hosting company.

Tips #3: Register Your Domain With A Different Provider

You can avoid bad web hosting companies by registering your domain with a different provider. Many hosting companies will offer a free domain registration when you purchase hosting with them but it’s usually safer to spend the $15 to register your domain elsewhere. It’s easier to move to a new hosting company when you’ve registered the domain with someone else. If you register the domain with your hosting and want to back out later, you’ll have to ask for a domain release which could take a while costing you business.

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