Reliable ASP.NET Hosting :: Does Best and Trustworthy for Your Windows Hosting Provider?

HostingReviewASP.NET | Best, reliable and recommended windows hosting. Hi guys today I will share a review about windows hosting provider. ASPHostPortal is one of the best windows hosting provider, but does Best and Trustworthy for Your Windows Hosting Provider?


Windows hosting is not necessary for everyone who uses the Windows operating system. But for those who enjoy the compatibility of Microsoft products and are more inclined towards point-and-click simplicity than programming versatility, Windows web hosting may be the best choice. Windows hosting is offered by an ever increasing number of hosting companies; sorting through them all can be a huge challenge in itself.

ASP.NET and SQL Server are popular development products, however they can only work with Windows server as Linux OS doesn’t support yet. On the other hand, windows hosting is compatible with over 99% linux applications so in case you need to run some linux apps under windows hosting server, there is not a problem at all.

Windows hosting support features

  • Classic ASP
  • .NET Framework, including ASP.NET, ASP.NET MVC, Microsoft AJAX Framework etc
  • JScript.NET
  • Silverlight
  • MS SQL Server database
  • Access database
  • Adobe ColdFusion
  • Crystal Reports
  • MSSQL Reporting Services
  • Straightforward support to websites developed with Microsoft FrontPage
  • Windows hosting is not offered by too many web hosts because of the expensive license to deploy the hosting server and related management skills. Sorting through them all can be a huge challenge in itself.

Who is

aspportalOne of the best Windows Hosting in United States is This provider was founded in 2008 and provides Windows-based ASP.NET web hosting services. This company currently supports Windows Server 2012 hosting with ASP.NET 4.5 / 4.5.1 / 4.5.2, MVC 5.1 / 5.1.1 / 5.1.2, Visual Studio 2012, WebSockets, IIS 8.5 and support the latest Microsoft technology.

Pricing Windows Hosting

The price of Windows hosting packages is quite competitive, especially the Host One which we may recommend most here. Going through this promotional link directly and you will get FREE DOMAIN or DOUBLE SQL SPACE, the Host One Windows hosting package is $5.00/mo.

This “Host One” includes 5GB disk space, 60GB bandwidth, Plesk control panel, Unlimited email boxes, 200MB email storage space, 200 MB SQL Server/db, 200 MB MySQL/db and support almost all of the cutting-edge Windows technologies, such as remote IIS management, ASP.NET v4.5.2 and Full Trust.

Are Best and Trustworthy for Your Windows Hosting Provider?

I like how allows you to prepay in 3 month installments so that you can try the service with little risk and see if it is right for you. Even then, you’ll have access to a 30 day money back guarantee if you don’t like the service and choose to cancel within the first 30 days. The company sports an uptime rating of 99% over the past decade, and since 2008 has seen less than 10 minutes of downtime which is absolutely incredible. is one of the few Windows web hosting companies that offers all of its clients the Plesk Panel for Windows as the backend system that clients will login to. The company is actively working to make their Windows hosting systems as easy as possible to setup and get going. Most of the major content management systems (like WordPress, Drupal, Joomla and others) are available via a one-click install system, as are a number of other software packages that are relevant to webmasters and online business owners. provides its windows plan with all of the tools and support needed to have the full-featured business up and running in minutes. You can create unlimited web sites under your own brand name, with their own prices, packages and features. As a reseller you will keep 100% of the money you collect!

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