Top 3 Best and Reliable moodle 3.1.2 hosting

Best and Reliable moodle 3.1.2 hosting. Moodle is a learning platform designed to provide educators, administrators and learners with a single robust, secure and integrated system to create personalised learning environments. You can download the software onto your own web server or ask one of their knowledgable Moodle Partners to assist you.

Moodle is a free software e-learning platform, also known as a Learning Management System ( LMS ), or Virtual Learning Environment ( VLE ). Moodle can be used in many types of environments such as in education, training and development, and business settings Moodle was originally developed by “Martin Dougiamas” to help educators create online courses with a focus on interaction and collaborative construction of content, and is in continual evolution.

Moodle 3.1.2 Hosting the latest major release from was released yesterday May 12th. With Moodle 3.1.2 there are a few major enhancements and improvements such as Atto text editor and the More and Clean themes as the only that will ship by default. An additional point of interest is that Moodle 3.1.2 Hosting will receive long term support of Moodle HQ.


What is New Features on Moodle 3.1.2 Hosting ?

Moodle offers students and instructors a personalized dashboard listing courses and tasks, and collaborative tools including forums, wikis and group calendars. It lets you work with files stored in cloud services like Dropbox, and supports notifications and private messaging between users. It is available for multiple languages, supports open standards like Learning Tool Interoperability (LTI) and Sharable Content Object Reference Model (SCORM), and works well with screen readers. Finally, it comes with an extensive plugins directory together with support from more than 60 worldwide partners.


MDL-37250 – Lessons: save students attempts if they timeout
MDL-54977 – Fixed bug with navigation tree not working in some cases
MDL-50586 – Warn teachers about removing level 0 in rubrics as it leads to unexpected grades.
MDL-41174 – Update the calendar event when inline changing activity name or duplicating activity
MDL-33741 – Allow teacher to access course files in hidden categories using Server files repository in filepicker
MDL-55333 – Fixed error when trying to view/export feedback responses with over 60 questions using mariadb/mysql

Security issues

MSA-16-0022 Web service tokens should be invalidated when the user password is changed or forced to be changed

Fixes and improvements

MDL-55312 – Bugfix: Load timeout for modules: core/first occurs after purge caches
MDL-55229 – Bugfix: Meta Enrolment – Search for course produces error
MDL-55707 – Bugfix: Possible to get in “recalculating grades” infinite loop
MDL-55292 – Include tideways profiler along with xhprof for PHP7 profiling
MDL-54892 – Uninstall scheduled tasks when plugin is uninstalled
MDL-22183 – Prevent stats from running later and later – use scheduled task time only
MDL-47371 – Bugfix: The character & is displayed as ” & amp ; ” in book module
MDL-52544 – Resolved problems of Oracle driver in PHP7 environment
MDL-55246 – Bugfix: Unoconv fails on files with spaces in the name.
MDL-51078 – Add “All changes” option to the Action selector in report_log (was present in 2.6 and removed in 2.7+)
MDL-52105 – Remove CAP_PROHIBIT in manager role for capability ‘enrol/self:holdkey’
MDL-54847 – Allow students to insert HTML audio and video tags
MDL-55273 – Default setting for cookiesecure should be on
MDL-55520 – Assignment module no longer resets max grade to 100 during module editing
MDL-55245 – Attempting to select text in PDF annotation comments drags the comment box


 PLAN  DiscountService
Hosting Sites Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Disk Space 5 GB Unlimited 2 GB
Bandwidth 60 GB Unlimited 20 GB
Uptime 99.90% 99.90% 99.90%
Control Panel Plesk Plesk Plesk
Technical Features DiscountService
Platform Windows 2012 R2 Windows 2012 R2 Windows 2012 R2
ASP.NET 2.0/3.5SP1/4.5.2/5 2.0/3.5SP1/4.5.2/5 2.0/3.5SP1/4.5.2/5
ASP.NET MVC 2.0/3.0/4.0/5.0/6.0 2.0/3.0/4.0 2.0/3.0/4.0
IIS 8.5 8.5 8.5
Trust Level Full Full Full
URL Rewrite MS URLRewrite2 MS URLRewrite2 MS URLRewrite2
Total MSSQL 1 1 1
MSSQL Space 50 MB 50 MB 100 MB
MSSQL Version SQL Server 2014/2012/2008R2 SQL Server 2014/2012/2008R2 SQL Server 2014/2012/2008R2
Remote MSSQL Yes Yes Yes
Total MySQL 1 1 1
MySQL Space 100 MB 100 MB 100 MB
MySQL Version 5.x 5.x 5.x
PHPMyAdmin Yes Yes Yes
Email Specification DiscountService
Accounts Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Storage 200 MB 200 MB 200 MB
IMAP Yes Yes Yes
POP3 Yes Yes Yes
SMTP Yes Yes Yes
Anti Spam Yes Yes Yes
Anti Virus Yes Yes Yes
Webmail Yes Yes Yes
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Why They’re the Best Moodle 3.1.2 Hosting

The Moodle hosting are rated based on the following 5 checkpoints as well as we considered about price, web server performance and other generic web hosting features.

  1. whether the Moodle application installer script is integrated in the control panel of the web hosting. This feature allows you to complete the deployment of Moodle onto Internet in minutes with mouse clicks only.
  2. what Moodle features are provided? Moodle is a pluggable framework and it only provides basic functionality by itself. So the integrated plugins and modules are important to meet your requirement.
  3. what Moodle themes are provided? There are 200 free Moodle themes provided in the Moodle official websites and there are also more commercial themes on Internet. The more themes provided in the Moodle hosting, the more choice you can have to build your unique e-learning system.
  4. reliability is especially important to education applications. No student wants to be interrupted in the studying. We only recommend Moodle hosting with 99.9% uptime as below.
  5. technical support determines how long you have to wait for getting your hosting problems resolved or having your websites recovered. It shall be a basic requirement for all web hosting clients but it’s strictly required for learning system rather than common websites.

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