Reliable ASP.NET Hosting Review :: Best Recommended Persits ASPUpload Hosting IN USA

HostingReviewASP.NET | Best Recommended and Reliable Persits ASPUpload Hosting. If you are looking for Best Recommended and Reliable ASPUpload Hosting  today we will give you best recommendation Persits ASPUpload Hosting Provider. We will provide you information about Persits ASPUpload Hosting that offers you with cheap price, full features, fast & stable network, and give best technical support.

What’s ASPUpload ?

ASPUpload is a COM+ component which enables an ASP application to capture, save and process files uploaded to the web server with a browser. The files are selected for uploading via an HTML POST form using the <INPUT TYPE=FILE> tag.

With ASPUpload, you can add file upload functionality to your Web application in as little as 2 lines of ASP script. In addition to uploading, AspUpload offers a wide range of file management functions, including secure downloading, saving files in the database, permission and attribute management, image size extraction, file encryption, etc.


  • Compatibility with IIS 4, IIS 5, IIS 6, IIS 7 and IIS 8 (Window NT/2000/XP/2003/2008/7/8/2012).
  • Files up to 4 GB in size can be uploaded (AspUpload and IIS 7+ required.)
  • Ability to upload multiple files at once.
  • Access to text items on the form.
  • HTML-based progress bar.
  • Unicode suppport.
  • Uploads to memory.
  • Secure file downloading.
  • Ability to manipulate the Access Control Lists (ACLs) of uploaded files.
  • Ability to change file attributes.
  • Ability to save files in the database as blobs.
  • Support for MS Access OLE Object headers.
  • Ability to export files from the database.
  • Automatic generation of unique file names to prevent collisions with existing files.
  • Ability to put a limit on the size of files being uploaded.
  • Ability to preserve files’ “Last Modified” timestamp.
  • Encryption support.
  • Directory listing with sorting.
  • Automatic ActiveX DLL registration.
  • Ability to disable certain features via registry settings.
  • File copying, moving and deletion.
  • Directory creation and deletion.
  • Full ADO support when handling blobs.
  • MacBinary support.
  • Directory uploads (when used with XUpload or JUpload).
  • Image size and type extraction functionality.
  • One-way hash function computation for uploaded files.

If you want to feel great experience with Persits ASPUpload. we recommend you to host your site on ASPHostPortal . They are Best, Recommended and Reliable Persits ASPUpload Hosting in USA. They offer Persits ASPUpload Hosting start from £5.00/month and give 30 days money back guarantees. To see more details about their plan, please click the picture below.

Best Recommended and Reliable Persits ASPUpload

Here are several reasons why ASPHostPortal has made it to a top spot in the Persits ASPUpload hosting world and why you should consider using ASPHostPortal for your Persits ASPUpload site.

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Top customer service

Hosting company can’t win and keep their customers without good customer service. Web hosting customer support service must be reliable and fast. If a server goes down, then all efforts must be initiated within minutes and all the blocks should be removed. ASPHostPortal has an excellent support staff with in-depth knowledge which guarantees a rapid solution to any difficulties you might have. Support is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Reasonable Price

The combination of great features and reasonable prices has made ASPHostPortal popular. ASPHostPortal offers prices that are lower than competitors, while still offering great services. Their lowest plan Host Intro plan start from only $5.00/month. This is very cheap for windows hosting provider.

Trusted, Safe and Reliable

A reliable and trusted hosting company will be able to make your site hacker-proof and safe from other possible risks. ASPHostPortal monitors the servers 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and resolve any difficulties you may come across to keep your site running with the least amount of interruption.

ASPHostPortal carefully looks after what sites it hosts. You are never going to have unlawful or harmful websites as your shared IP neighbors. There is nothing worse than security breaches and losing all your precious data. ASPHostPortal hosting is supported with a back-up program.

Money Back Guarantee

ASPHostPortal offers a 60-day money back guarantee. Feel free to take a test ride with ASPHostPortal without any risk.

Support the Latest ASPUpload Techonogy

ASPHostPortal support the latest ASPUpload technology. They have supported the latest ASPUpload As Microsoft Gold Partner, they will always keep up to date the Microsoft technology.

User friendly Plesk control panels

ASPHostPortal provide Plesk Control Panel which is one of the best Control Panel for windows hosting. This Control Panel is really user friendly. You can customize or manage your site easily via their Plesk Control Panel. Additionally, you can also install FREE CMS directly via Plesk Control Panel. For example wordpress, drupal, joomla, DotNetNuke, Umbraco, etc.

Free Domain for life

Unlike some other Persits ASPUpload Hosting companies who charge you for the domain name after the first year, ASPHostPortal hosting plans comes with a free domain name for the life of your account. This will save you money every year. It’s a great deal.

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