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HostingReviewASP.NET | Best, Reliable and Recommended SugarCRM Hosting. SugarCRM is a commercial, open source customer relationship management (CRM) tool designed for companies of any size. The award-winning SugarCRM helps organizations manage interactions with customers throughout all departments. SugarCRM is loaded with features designed to increase the success of marketing efforts and ultimately increase sales. Because every business has different needs and objectives, SugarCRM offers a number of flexible solutions.


Before SugarCRM, Customer Relationship Management systems were the province of large businesses that had million dollar technology budgets. The SugarCRM project was started with the belief that open source technologies had reached a point of maturation where a fast, flexible and feature-rich product could be delivered to companies who did not have money to burn. In less than two years, SugarCRM has proven that a best-in-class CRM system can be built and delivered to customers in a more economical fashion.

The SugarCRM application furthers the high standards set by the open source community around the world. Unlike most proprietary CRM offerings, all SugarCRM applications are natively built on the pure Open Source LAMPS (also WAMPS) platform: Linux or Windows, Apache or IIS, MySQL, PHP, and SugarCRM. Our community of users actively test and contribute to the features, performance and stability of the SugarCRM application.

Operating System

SugarCRM runs on the most common operating systems, including:

  • Linux – An open-source operating system derived from the Unix operating system.
  • Windows – An operating system for desktop computers, workstations, and network servers.
  • Mac OSX – Apple’s Unix-based operating system for Mac computers.

Web Server

SugarCRM is supported by the two most popular Web Servers:

  • Apache – A free, open source web server that can run under several operating systems, and has become the de facto internet standard.
  • IIS – Microsoft’s high-performance, secure, and extensible internet server based on Windows NT Server. IIS supports the world wide web, FTP, and gopher protocol.


  • MySQL – SugarCRM runs on the MySQL open source database, a simple, yet powerful, Open Source Software relational database management system which uses a subset of ANSI SQL (Structured Query Language).


  • PHP – SugarCRM is written in PHP, an open source web development language.

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