Reliable Windows Hosting :: Choosing Best and Cheap Windows Reseller Hosting For Your Business

Choosing Best and Cheap Windows Reseller Hosting For Your Business

reseller5HostingReviewASP.NET | Best, reliable and recommended Windows Reseller Hosting. Reseller hosting is increasingly becoming one of the most popular choices for web developers and web designers looking to generate profit in the web hosting industry. More and more independent webmasters are opting for reseller web hosting to build or expand their Internet business. With a very low investment, reseller hosting allows you to profit from a small portion of the web services market without needing to have a lot of technical knowledge or expertise.

One of the best things about reseller hosting is that you do not have to own a data center or even a single web server to begin making a steady income with web hosting.  Instead, you can purchase a predefined package from a reliable web hosting company and then sell web space to your own clients as a value-added service.

Why go for Windows as a reseller hosting platform?

The number one question that always comes up when someone wants to start a reseller hosting business is which platform to choose. The main factor in choosing the right platform is determining what features and services the platform offers.

If you have plans to start your own reseller hosting business, try to opt for Windows reseller hosting. Why? With ample services, features and tools, the Windows platform offers many great advantages that are extended to reseller hosting as well. From the desktop setting to the server environment, Windows has always been valued for a consistent user experience and customer friendly options.

The Windows platform is known for its power and comprehensive set of tools. With a Windows reseller program, web hosting resellers are able to offer long term, lasting professional hosting services. For this reason, Windows is a popular choice among many hosting resellers. Moreover, Windows reseller web hosting consists of many long term benefits you typically do not get with any other type of reseller web hosting.

Top reasons the Windows platform is the best option for reseller hosting.

  1. Here are some reasons you may find Windows reseller hosting to be the best option for your reseller hosting business.
  2. The Windows platform is easy to use and provides customer friendly options and tools. Most Windows reseller hosting plans come with ASP and ASP.NET included – tremendously powerful technologies that allow you to create extremely rich and dynamic websites and Internet applications. ASP.NET also gives you the ability to deploy content management systems like DotNetNuke .
  3. Windows reseller hosting lets you run applications written in many programming languages such as PHP and MySQL.
  4. Windows reseller hosting provides you with access to products like ActiveSync and SmarterMail. These tools are great for marketing and enjoying recurring dividends from your reseller account.
  5. As a Windows hosting reseller, you can take advantage of MS SQL, an efficient, all-inclusive server database management system that allows you to organize and analyze critical business data.
  6. With Windows reseller hosting, you have the option to use products such as Windows Mobile, SmarterMail, and Push Technology.

One unique thing about Windows reseller hosting is that you do not have to create multiple accounts to maintain the database of your clients. Windows reseller hosting consists of a single easy to use control panel which helps you keep track of your clients while saving a lot of money and time.
These are the six top reasons Windows reseller hosting is considered to be a highly profitable online business. Reselling Windows hosting allows you to sell any Windows reseller hosting services at competitive rates, while providing your customers with an opportunity to use array of cutting edge technologies.


Best, reliable and recommended Windows Reseller Hosting

Every provider will tell you how they treat their support, uptime, expertise, guarantees, etc., are. Take a close look. What they’re really offering you is nothing close to what ASPHostPortal does. You will be treated with respect and provided the courtesy and service you would expect from a world-class web hosting business.
You’ll have highly trained, skilled professional technical support people ready, willing, and wanting to help you 24 hours a day. Your web hosting account servers are monitored from three monitoring points, with two alert points, every minute, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. The followings are the list of other added- benefits you can find when hosting with ASPHostPortal :


Reasons why you must trust

ASPHostPortal – Recovery Systems

Recovery becomes easy and seamless with their fully managed backup services. We monitor your server to ensure your data is properly backed up and recoverable so when the time comes, you can easily repair or recover your data.

ASPHostPortal – Control Panel

ASPHostPortal provide one of the most comprehensive customer control panels available. Providing maximum control and ease of use, their Control Panel serves as the central management point for your ASPHostPortal account. You’ll use a flexible, powerful hosting control panel that will give you direct control over your web hosting account. their control panel and systems configuration is fully automated and this means your settings are configured automatically and instantly.

ASPHostPortal – Excellent Expertise in Technology

The reason they can provide you with a great amount of power, flexibility, and simplicity at such a discounted price is due to incredible efficiencies within their business. They have not just been providing hosting for many clients for years, also been researching, developing, and innovating every aspect of their operations, systems, procedures, strategy, management, and teams. their operations are based on a continual improvement program where their review thousands of systems, operational and management metrics in real-time, to fine-tune every aspect of their operation and activities. they are continually train and retrain all people in their teams. They will provide all people in their teams with the time, space, and inspiration to research, understand, and explore the Internet in search of greater knowledge. They do this while providing you with the best hosting services for the lowest possible price.

ASPHostPortal – Data Center

ASPHostPortal modular Tier-3 data center was specifically designed to be a world-class web hosting facility totally dedicated to uncompromised performance and security

ASPHostPortal – Monitoring Services

From the moment your server is connected to their network it is monitored for connectivity, disk, memory and CPU utilization – as well as hardware failures. Their engineers are alerted to potential issues before they become critical.

ASPHostPortal – Network

ASPHostPortal has architected its network like no other hosting company. Every facet of their network infrastructure scales to gigabit speeds with no single point of failure.

ASPHostPortal – Security

Network security and the security of your server are ASPHostPortal’s top priorities. Their security team is constantly monitoring the entire network for unusual or suspicious behavior so that when it is detected we can address the issue before their network or your server is affected.

ASPHostportal – Support Services

Engineers staff Their data center 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year to manage the network infrastructure and oversee top-of-the-line servers that host ASPHostPortal clients’ critical sites and services.

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